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About Mirasys VCA

Mirasys VCA (Video Content Analytics) comprises a set of real-time video analytics solutions that utilizes advanced image processing algorithms to turn video into actionable intelligence.
The product's core is an advanced object recognition and tracking engine that continually tracks moving and stationary targets.
The tracking engine features built-in robustness to environmental nuisance conditions such as changing illumination, moving foliage, rippling water, etc.
Mirasys VCA is a generic name for a suite of video analytics add-on product options that include functionality such as:

Motion object tracking

Motion-data based object highlighting and tracking, auto-zoom functionality.
The motion data is produced by server-based, hermeneutic motion detection.

Tripwire counting

In addition to motion object tracking functionality, line counting for over-head installed cameras, and Spotter client-based counter visualization.

Object behaviour/attributes detection

In addition to the functionality mentioned above, to continuously track and classify moving and stationary targets and features a full suite of rule-based filters including as enter, exit, appear, disappear, stopped objects, directionality constraints, object counting, loitering, object type and object speed.
Multiple filters and rules are supported on any combination of multiple overlapping detection zones, in addition to an advanced people tracking engine optimized for tracking people in cluttered indoor scenes such as retail scenarios. Includes specific high accuracy counting functions optimized for use in busy scenes.

Related analytics options

Available as separate applications, products or through project-based integrations:

  • Camera-based (built-in, edge) analytics support selected camera manufacturers and their functionality through manufacturer-specific integration connectors.

  • Audio analytics technologies refer to software for extracting information and meaning from audio signals, such as detecting sounds of breaking glass, etc.

  • Facial recognition technologies refer to software or camera feature for automatically identifying or verifying the identity, age, gender, etc., of a person from video footage.

  • Number plate recognition technologies (ANPR/LPR) refer to software or camera features for automatically identifying vehicle or container numbers.

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