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Quick start guide for VCA

This user guide documents each topic in detail. However, to get started quickly, the essential topics are listed below. 

The following steps should be executed for each server:

  1. Decide upon the VCA functionality that meets your requirements. For guidance or consult your Mirasys representative or check the Mirasys VCA training.

  2. Acquire and install a Mirasys VMS system and the related software license key with other required features enabled.

  3. Add and configure the video cameras you intend to use for VCA and enable the VCA capability in the camera settings.

  4. Enable hermeneutic motion detection mode for each camera used for VCA.

  5. Export the VCA core HW GUID and obtain the VCA activation license code from Mirasys and activate Mirasys VCA with these licenses.

  6. Calibrate each camera in VCA settings if object classification is required.

  7. Configure the detection zone and rules for each camera.

  8. If required configure alarms based on the VCA events. 

  9. Verify VCA functionality visualisation using the Spotter for Windows application.

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