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VCA Rules

VCAcore's rules are used to detect specific events in a video stream.
There are three rule types that can be utilized to detect events and trigger actions:

Basic Inputs / Rule: 

An algorithm that will trigger when a particular behaviour or event has been observed e.g. Presence. Basic inputs can be used to trigger an action.


A filter that will trigger if the object which has triggered the input rule / logical rule meets the filter requirements e.g. is moving at a specific speed.
Filters can be used to trigger an action.

Conditional Rule:

A logical link between one or more inputs to allow the detection of more complex behaviours e.g. AND.
Conditional rules can be used to trigger an action.
Within VCAcore, rule configurations can be as simple as individual basic inputs attached to a zone used to trigger an action.
Alternatively, rules can be combined into more complex logical rule configurations using conditional rules and filters.
The overarching goal of the rules in VCAcore is to help eliminate erroneous alerts being generated by providing functions to prevent unwanted behaviour from triggering an action.
More detail on the differences between these concepts is outlined below:

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