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VCA Zones

Zones are the detection areas on which VCAcore operate.
To detect a specific behaviour, a zone must be configured to specify the area where a rule applies.

Zone specific settings 

The zone configuration menu contains a range of zone-specific configuration parameters:

  • Name The name of the zone, which appears in event notifications.

  • Type: The type of the zone. Can be one of:

  • Detection: A zone that detects tracked objects and to which rules can be applied.

  • Non-detection: A zone that specifies an area that should be excluded from VCAcore analysis.

    • Objects are not detected in non-detection zones.

    • Useful for excluding areas of potential nuisance alarms from a scene (e.g. waving trees, flashing lights, etc).

  • Shape: The shape of the zone. Can be one of:

    • Polygon: A polygonal detection area with at least three nodes. Rules apply to the whole area.

    • Line: A single- or multi-segment line with at least two nodes. Rules apply to the length of the line.

  • Colour: The colour of the zone.

  • Configure Rules: A shortcut button to navigate directly to the rules configuration page

Adding a zone 

Zones can be added in multiple ways:

  1. Double-click anywhere on the video display.

  2. Click the Create Zone button in the zone settings menu.

  3. Right-click or tap-hold to display the context menu and select the add zone icon

The context menu

Right-clicking or tap-holding (on mobile devices) displays a context menu that contains commands specific to the current context.

The possible actions from the context menu are:

Creating a zone

Click Create Zone icon

  1. Draw zone and set the location to the image

  2. Set name of the zone

  3. Set detection type

  4. Set shape

  5. Define color

Positioning zones 

To change the position of a zone, click and drag the zone to a new position. To change the shape of a zone, drag the nodes to create the required shape. New nodes can be added by double-clicking on the edge of the zone or clicking the add node icon  from the context menu. 

Deleting the zone 

Zones can be deleted in the following ways:

  • Select the zone and click the Delete Zone button from the zone settings menu.

  • Select the zone, display the context menu and select the delete zone icon

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