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Check HDD/SSD/M.2 health

There are multiple different tools to check up system hard drive etc. health. One good tool is CrystalDiskInfo.

  1. Go to their web page and download the latest version of CrystalDiskInfo.

  2. When you have downloaded this zip file, you need to extract this to the wanted place. Example C:\Temp.

  3. Double-click DiskInfo64.exe. You may need administration rights.

  4. When software is opened, you can see on the main screen the status of the system disks.

    1. If there are problems with the disk or disks, the software plays audio and gives color-coded status codes for disk or disks health

    2. If the software language is wrong, you can change it under the Language menu and select the wanted language.

Example of normal hard drive status

On this example hard drive is used for E-drive

Example of normal M.2 SSD status

On this example M.2 is used for C-drive and disk health is almost perfect but still not too bad to use.

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