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DvmsLogs tool

This tool is useful when there is need to go through Mirasys VMS logs.

You can find latest version in our Extranet.


  • Show fatal, error, warning, info and debug texts with different colors

  • Show how many fatal, error, warning and version messages are at selected text position

  • Navigate to next, previous and selected message number

  • Open latest DVMS log files quickly (up to date list of latest DVMS log files is in a menu)

  • Optionally reload file when it has been modified

  • Open selected log file or a .zip file

  • Show error and warning counts in .zip file entries

  • Show DVMS log folders in Windows Explorer

  • Drag and Drop files to DVMS Logs application

  • Filter messages by logging level

  • Search text

  • Delete DVMS log files

  • Open new DvmsLogs process

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