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How to add retry count information to Metadata

Step-by-step guide

  1. First stop VMS services (WDServer, DVRServer, SMserver)

  2. Then go to folder C:\Program Files\DVMS\DVR\MetadataAnalysis and open file MetadataAnalysisTCPDriver.xml

  3. If Channel Name context not include RetryCount attribute you can add this

    1. Example <Channel Name="MetadataTcpSendAll" RetryCount="5" Enabled="true" Address="" Port="5151" ThreadQueueLimit="1000" SendFormat="UdpVca" Source="Default">

    2. VMS version need to be V8.2.1 or higher

    3. Default value is 5

  4. When editing is done and the file is saved you can start again VMS services

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