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How to change Alarm, Audit trail and Watchdog Event database retention times

  • Stop WDserverSMserver and DVRserver

  • Then go to folder C:\Program Files\DVMS\SystemManagement (default location)

  • Locate Database.xml file

  • Copy this file to your desktop and open it example in Notepad

  • Then edit these lines and put wanted days on here

    <MaximumAlarmEventDays value="2147483647" />
    <MaximumAuditTrailRows value="2147483647" />
    <MaximumAuditTrailDays value="2147483647" />
    <MaximumWatchdogEventDays value="2147483647" />
  • 2147483647 means unlimited days
    There is no need to make changes to rows

  • After these save this file again and copy it back to C:\Program Files\DVMS\SystemManagement (default location)

  • Then delete file Database.xml.tmp, if you don’t delete it system fill use default variables

  • Then start VMS services again

  • System create tmp file again for Database.xml file

Useful information

  • If the database is full, then 10 000 oldest rows are deleted (alarm rows or audit trail rows, depending on which ones are older)

  • Maximum rows limits are checked every time when new data is added to the database

  • Maximum days limits are checked periodically: the first check is done 1 minute after SmServer start, and then every 30 minutes

  • If the maximum days limit is exceeded, then rows older than the maximum days are deleted

  • However, not more than 10 000 rows are deleted at a time

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