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How to configure Moxa to VMS

In this article, we configure Moxa to VMS and how to use Moxa input as alarm input.
VMS supports all Moxa devices which has MXIO supported. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. If you want to change the Moxa IP address; the default IP address is; please check the correct IP address in the Moxa manual

    1. By default, there is no password but you can add this if you want

  2. When you know Moxa IP address, open System Manager

  3. Go to the second tab; VMS Servers

  4. Then double click Digital I/O, this opens a new window that shows what Inputs and Output are configured in the system

  5. To add Moxa, you need to click Add I/O driver button

  6. This opens a new window where you can fill in Moxa information

    1. First, you need to select Model moxaiodriver

    2. Give the number of inputs

    3. Give the number of Outputs

    4. Moxa IP-address

    5. And the last password if you have added this

    6. Then click OK

  7. After adding system is updating settings and show Moxa information

  8. In this example, you see that Moxa has 1 input and 1 output. The number in parentheses tells us which is this input or output number in the system

    1. You can also change the name for these inputs and outputs using the Inputs and Outputs tabs

  9. If you want to use this input as Alarm input, you only need to create an alarm

  10. You can create an alarm using that same server where you added this Moxa

  11. Open Alarm and start creating alarm normally but use Trigger this Moxa input which you earlier added to the system

  12. And last press OK to save this alarm

  13. When an alarm is saved to the system you can find it under the Alarm section

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