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How to use Mirasys VMS Text Channel

First, you need to copy the UDD4Demo.xml file under DVR-folder

The default location is C:\Program Files\DVMS\DVR
You can find this file end of this guide

After that, you need to configure the text channel

  1. Open System Manager

  2. Go to the second tab

  3. Open Text channels

  4. Create there example text channel and save these details

  5. Example configuration

  6. After this, you can create a wanted alarm using this text channel.

  7. After this, you can use Putty to send these ASCII commands to Mirasys VMS port.

  8. Open Putty and make a normal raw connection to Mirasys VMS port 40000.

Example Putty configuration

  1. When the Putty window is open you can use these commands to trigger the alarm.
    start low
    start normal
    start high

    stop low
    stop normal
    stop high

UUD4Demo.xml file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <level value="2"/> 
  <additionalDebug value="no"/>
    <linefeed value="0x0d0a"/>
    <ignored value="0x00,0x0B"/>
    <clearscreen value="-----"/>
    <regex value=".*"/>
  <uddXmlMapper version="2">
    <messageType value="text" parsing="regex">
      <message number="1" value="alarm">
		<param number="1" value="([a-zA-Z]+) (.+)" group="1"/>
		<param number="2" value="([a-zA-Z]+) (.+)" group="2"/>
		<array name="Rules" params="AT">
		<array name="AlarmType" params="AT">
		<message number="1" value="alarm" alwaysShowText="yes">
            <param number="1" reference="1" value="$Rules" operator="eq" id="AT">
				<and number="1" reference="2" value="$AlarmType" operator="eq"/>
				    <action number="1" type="event" value="$Rules $AlarmType alarm" />
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