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Supported IP Camera List

Mirasys is updating on this list those cameras which are tested by us. Some cases we are not getting all newest cameras to testbench. On this case usually if we already have tested camera manufacturer camera, this mainly use same communication. Which means that camera should work 99%.

Mirasys is not responsible if camera manufacturer change communication and this cause that camera is not anymore working with our VMS.

We are not responsible if camera manufacturer has marked camera to EOL products. Then we can’t promise that camera is not anymore supported on our side.

Mirasys VMS - Supported IP Cameras - v4.47 - 06.Jun.2023.xlsx

Supported EasyLPR cameras

  • Hikvision 7-series LPR cameras

  • Axis cameras

    • Which support Vaxtor VaxALPR, version 2.2-20

    • AXIS License Plate Verifier version 2.1-0

  • Dahua cameras

    • Dahua ITC215-PW6M-IRLZF, firmware 2.625

    • Dahua ITC413-PW4D-IZ3, firmware 2.626.0000000.2.R

  • Hanwha cameras

    • Hanwha XNV-6120R (Wisenet 5 processor), FW: 1.40.02 + Vaxtor

  • Panasonic cameras

    • Panasonic WV-X1551L, FW: 1.60 + Vaxtor

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