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Upgrade Microsoft SQL Server Express 2014 to 2019

Before upgrading old Microsoft SQL Server Express 2014 to 2019, please stop all VMS services.

  1. Download latest Microsoft SQL Server Express 2019 installer from Microsoft site.

  2. Open Microsoft download tool double clicking downloaded exe file.

  3. Click Download Media button.

  4. Next window, select Express Advanced installation package and download location.

    1. When download is ready you can proceed to upgrade.

  5. Double click installation media and after this will extract files

  6. When this is done you should see new window where option is to “Upgrade from a previous version of SQL Server”

  7. Click that option and wait.

  8. Accept license agreement.

  9. If there is something undone tasks, this next window will show those. This only comes if there is something wrong before upgrade.

  10. On default system offer current SQLEXPRESS instance upgrade. Click Next to proceed.

  11. After this wizard start to make upgrade process. Please wait. That will take sometimes until it is finished.

  12. When installation is finished, you can check status of installation and if that is succeeded, you can close window using Close button.

  13. After this you can also close installer window using right upper corner X.

  14. Now Microsoft SQL Express 2014 to 2019 upgrade is done.

  15. You can now start VMS services or restart server.

Using SQL Management Studio, you can check SQL Express version number.

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