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Asan UVP Gateway Connector

Asan UVP Gateway Connector this integration allow Asan UVP connect to Mirasys VMS system and playback live or recorder material and fetch events over Mirasys Gateway.


  • Licenses Mirasys VMS

  • Mirasys Gateway

    • Same version as Mirasys VMS.

    • Mirasys Gateway is not always installed with Mirasys VMS.

    • Please check under Windows installed programs that Mirasys Gateway is installed.

    • Standalone environment Mirasys Gateway is usually installed with Mirasys VMS server.

    • Multi-server environment there is no need to install multiple Mirasys Gateways per server, only one is enough if that has access to all Mirasys VMS servers.

  • Asan UVP Gateway Connector feature on license

Mirasys Gateway installation

  • Download latest Mirasys Gateway installation package from Extranet or Documentation Portal.

  • Double click installation package and wait.

  • When wizard is started click Install to continue and wait.

  • Click Next to continue.

  • Accept license agreement and click Next to continue.

  • Change installation path if needed and click Next to continue.

  • Change SM Server address (VMS Master) if that is needed and click Next to continue.

  • Click Install to make installation and wait.

  • Click Finish to close installation wizard.

  • Click Close to close installation.

  • Now you have installed Mirasys Gateway on server.


  • Open System Manager

  • Go to Profiles tab

  • Create new profile which has wanted cameras and alarms which can be fetch to Asan UVP.

  • After profile creation, go to Users Group tab

  • Create new Users Group for Asan UVP

  • Create user under this created group which is allowed to connect this VMS environment.

  • Now you have created user for Asan UVP.

More information can be found in Mirasys VMS Admin Guide.

Connecting via Asan UVP

  • Check that port 9000 TCP is allowed incoming connections on Windows Firewall.

    • On default installer make port openings.

  • Share username and password with IP-address or DNS name to Asan UVP configuration personel.

    • They can add this Mirasys VMS part of Asan UVP environment.

  • Now Asan UVP can make connection to Mirasys VMS environment.


  • Asan UVP can’t make connection

    • Check shared username and password.

    • Check that port 9000 TCP is open in Windows Firewall.

    • Check that Mirasys Gateway is installed and that is same version as Mirasys VMS.

    • Check that license has Asan UVP Gateway Connector feature included.

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