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Axis Perimeter Defender application

On this article we make example integration between Mirasys VMS and Axis Perimeter Defender application. More details for Axis Perimeter Defender application you can find here.



  • Licensed Mirasys VMS (Feature Universal Data Driver)

  • Axis camera with Axis Perimeter Defender


  1. Install Mirasys VMS to your server and license it

  2. After that install Axis Perimeter Defender configuration tool

    1. You need this tool to license and configure Axis Perimeter Defender application

  3. Copy UUD4 file for Axis Perimeter Defender application to DVR-folder

    1. You can file UDD4 files end of this article

  4. Now you configure Mirasys VMS Text channel to wanted port, here example picture where configuration is done port 40001

  5. When Text channel configuration is done, you can use Axis Perimeter Defender configuration tool to install, calibrate, make scenarios and configure alarm notifications of Axis Perimeter Defender application

  6. To send out alarm notification to Mirasys VMS Text channel you need to enable XML format sending, here example picture for configuration

  7. You can test Outputs section that alarm notifications are working correctly

  8. If everything is correctly configured you can see alarm event on Spotter


You can find on this zip files two versions of Axis Perimeter Defender application UDD4 files. Version 1 support only one alarm event and version 2 support multiple alarm events. You can use text editor to make change on these xml files.

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