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Commbox Multi I/O integration

Commbox Multi I/O integration is released with Mirasys VMS 9.6.0 and forward. This is included as default Enterprise level VMS.

This integration is tested with Commbox Multi I/O - MIO 400P v3 device.


  • Mirasys VMS 9.6 or newer

  • License feature CommBox NativeDriver

How to add Commbox to VMS

  • Open System Manager

  • Go to second tab VMS Servers

  • Open Digital I/O

  • Click Add I/O driver

  • Select from dropdown menu commboxio

  • Fill there needed details

    • Address

    • HTTP API Port; default is 80

    • User

    • Password

  • Then click OK to save settings

  • After this Commbox I/O device is added to system

  • Now you can change via Inputs and Outputs tabs name of these Inputs and Outputs

  • When everything is on place, you can save settings clicking OK

  • Now you are ready to use Commbox I/O device with Mirasys VMS

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