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How to use Mirasys Reporting

First you need login to system, this open Home Dashboard to you.

On this dashboard you can select do you want to check VMS Alarms or VMS Audit Trail.


Default settings show all events from last 1 year. This give you overview what is happened in VMS system.

You can search wanted Users, Events, Application and Servers, using drop-down list or typing there. Typing there will show all similar results.

If you want to change time range this option can be found upper right corner. Default time range is last 1 year but you can change this drop-down list.


VMS Alarms work similar way as VMS Audit Trail offering same options.

If system not include any alarms you get few errors which are saying that No data to show and also query failure. This means that system not include any alarm stored in database.

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