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Importing Mirasys dashboards

The next step is to import Mirasys VMS Audit Trail and VMS Alarms dashboards into the Grafana tool

  1. Browse to extracted Grafana package

  2. Copy Dashboards folder to the C:\Grafana

  3. Hover over the “+” sign (left upper corner) and select+click “Import” menu item

  4. Click Upload JSON file

  5. Select file “mirasys-vms auditTrail-v1-2_rev2.json

  6. Click Open

  7. Select DvmsData from the Microsoft SQL Server data source dropdown box

  8. Click Import

When template import is done, Grafana will automatically run the report and show results:

Before starting to use reports, repeat template import for all “DVMS*.json” files in this order:

  • VMS Audit Trail

  • VMS Alarms

  • VMS Watchdog Events

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