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Magos Radar

Magos Radar System integration to Mirasys VMS can be done via Text Channel. License include this option already, there is only configuration needed to do.


  • Latest Mirasys VMS

  • Magor Radar System where is configured data sending to wanted IP-address and port

    • Magos Radar System had own license feature for metadata sending


  • Copy Magos Radar UDD file to DVR-folder

  • Open System Manager and logon there using Administrator user rights

  • Go to Serves tab and open Text Channels

  • Make there new Text Channel

    • Mode; UniversalDataTcpModel

    • TCP Port number; 40000 or next free one

    • Validation; Text, this depends type of data

    • Configuration file; UUD4Magos.xml

    • Custom validator; Empty

    • Send the “End” event after N; 0

    • Forward incoming message to; empty

  • Now you can save these settings and check via Spotter that Text Channel is working and you can see data from Magos Radar System.

    • If you are using different profile on Spotter side, please add this Text Channel to wanted profile, without this you can’t see this Text Channel on Spotter

  • When everything is working and you can see data on Text Channel you can use System Manager to do alarms based on Magos Radar System metadata events.


  • No data in Text Channel

    • Check configuration and test that Magos Radar system is working as normal.

  • Event missing

    • If there is event missing, you can add this to XML file and then restart services to reload this new file.

Example UDD4Magos.xml file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <linefeed value="0x0A" /> <!-- this is CR+LF, change to 0x0A if only LF is used as message delimiter -->
        <ignored value="0x00" />
        <clearscreen value="" />
        <level value="2"/>
        <additionalDebug value="no"/> <!-- set to "yes" to get debugging files, like incoming messages into Debug_UDD_Packets.bin file located in DVMS/DVR-folder-->
        <regex value="ZoneAlarm.*" /> <!-- all incoming messages starting ZoneAlarm will be processed -->
    <uddXmlMapper version="2">
        <messageType value="text" parsing="regex">
            <message number="1" value="AlarmMessage">
                <param number="1" value="(.+)" group="1" /> <!-- event -->
            <array name="sevent" params="Alarms">
            <message number="1" value="AlarmMessage" alwaysShowText="yes"> <!-- change to "no", then only events will be shown -->
                <param number="1" reference="1" type="string" value="$sevent" operator="eq" id="Alarms" >
                    <action number="1" type="event" value="$sevent" />
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