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Microsoft SQL Account for the Grafana

Server Authentication

  1. Start Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

  2. Click Connect

  3. Select SQL Server and right-click

  4. Select Properties

  5. Select SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode

  6. Click OK

Adding new user

  1. Select Security → Logins

  2. Right-click top of the Logins

  3. Select New Login

This will open a new window where you can fill in information for this new user. 


  • Login name: GrafanaUser

  • SQL Server authentication

  • Password: GrafanaUser

  • Default database: master

  1. Enter Login name

  2. Set SQL Server Authentication

  3. Enter Password

  4. Remove Enforce password policy

  5. Click OK

Giving access to the Mirasys VMS database

After this, you need to give rights for this user that they can access VMS databases. 

  1. Go to the User Mapping page

  2. Map

    1. DvmsData

    2. RecorderDB

    3. WdContext

  3. Give db_datareader role for each of these databases.

  4. When you have done this you can click OK.

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