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Pacom Unison

This integration allows for automatic video retrieval in case of an alarm or event for rapid visual alarm verification. Video can be recorded and played/paused which facilitates analysis of any alarm or event that has occurred in Unison. Two way audio can also be streamed between the video device and Unison (listen-in/microphone). Operators are able to manage the cameras in order to view the desired position and angle using the PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) function and select preset positions.


  • Unison Gateway Connector feature

    • This allows Unison and Mirasys VMS “talk” together to fetch devices etc.

  • Web App Spotter Rest API feature

    • This allows Unison control Mirasys Spotter layouts


First you need configure Mirasys Gateway and Spotter softwares until you can use Unison integration.

When these are done you can add Mirasys VMS to Unison system.

Configuring Mirasys Gateway

  • Stop DVMSGatewayService under Windows Services

  • Go to Gateway installation folder

  • Open file ServiceLauncher.exe.config using example Notepad++

  • Find line

    <add key=”GatewayServerPort” value=”9000” />
  • Change this port value to example 9010

    • Port need to change because Unison use port 9000 for own system

    • Before changing port check that this port is free to use

  • Save file

  • Start DVMSGatewayService under Windows Services

Configuring Mirasys Spotter

  • Run Spotter Run As Administrator

  • Go to File → Settings → Advanced tab

  • Enable Public Web Api

    • Use default port

Other information

Unison server can send messages via XML or ASCII format. Mirasys VMS can get these via Text Channel.

There is then option to build UDD file which generate these messages as trigger events on VMS side and these can be used to trigger alarm event and record material.


Communication error in Unison system

  • Check that you are using correct GUID for Gateway and Spotter

  • Check that ports are opened that Unison can make connection to VMS server and Spotter

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