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Profiles define which VMS components the user has access to and what kind of user rights the user has for the components

The system has one default profile, Service.

The default profile contains the devices that the license key of the Master Server specifies.

The devices are grouped by device type. For example, all cameras are in one group and all audio channels are in a different group.

You can use the default profile as such or edit it freely, for example, group cameras at the exact location.

Or you can add new profiles. A profile can contain devices from different servers.

A profile sets a user’s rights in the system. Each user can have 1 to 5 profiles that contain these devices

  • Cameras (fixed cameras and PTZ cameras)

  • Audio channels

  • Audio communication channel

  • Digital inputs (alarm inputs)

  • Digital outputs (control outputs)

  • Video outputs

  • Text channels

  • Alarms

  • Plugin instances

  • Web browser home pages

You can add as many as 2,000 groups and devices to a profile. Furthermore, you can put the devices into groups as you like. 

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