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You can edit and backup system settings on the System tab, monitor the system and examine diagnostic information about the course.
You can also change license keys for servers on this tab, such as adding more camera channels and installing a new IP camera, metadata, and client plugin drivers.
Also, you can configure the software watchdog.

The tab contains these tools:

  • System settings

  • General system settings 

  • E-mail settings

  • Command settings

  • Change VMS server addresses 

  • System addresses 

  • Update VMS Servers

  • Backup

  • Export logs

  • Backup settings

  • Restore settings 

  • Monitoring

  • SM Server diagnostics 

  • Local recorder diagnostics 

  • Licenses

  • Watchdog 

  • Watchdog settings

  • Watchdog logs

  • Add-ins

  • Install driver

  • Install metadata driver

  • Install client driver

  • Install client plugin

To open a tool, do one of the following:

  • Click the tool and then click Edit  🔧

  • Double-click the tool.

  • Drag the tool from the System tab to the workspace

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