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Building Failover system

Starting point

The master server and 1 recording slave server were added to the system

Enabling VMS failover server to the recording server

  1. Open the VMS Servers tab

  2. Select slave server from the list

  3. Click General

  4. Define VMS server group ID(default 1)

  5. Enable VMS server failover is enabled for this VMS server

  6. Enable Detect VMS server failure on connection loss

  7. Define value Connection is not established an after

  8. Click OK

Adding FAILOVER server

  1. Open the VMS Servers tab

  2. Click Add VMS server

  3. Set the name for the server

  4. Set IP address of the server

  5. Define the VMS server group ID

  6. Enable Use as a failover VMS server

  7. Click OK

After the adding, the VMS Server tab shows Failover VMS Server line

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