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Easy LPR

EASY LPR is camera-based LPR detection

Supported since V9.4.0

Supported cameras are:

  • Hikvision 7-series LPR cameras

  • Axis cameras, which support Vaxtor VaxALPR, version 2.2-20 and AXIS License Plate Verifier version 2.1-0

  • Dahua ITC215-PW6M-IRLZF, firmware 2.625

Please check that your Mirasys VMS has at least these driver versions:

  • AxisIPCapture64bit_v2.8.1.0

  • Dahua IP Capture driver (64bit)

  • EHIIPCapture64bit_v2.1.4.0

EASY LPR main features

  • Live monitoring from the one camera at the same time

  • Plate number search from the one camera at the same time

  • Plate number list Management

    • Black list

    • White list

  • Importing and exporting plate number lists

  • Uploading plate number list to the cameras

  • Digital output controlling based on:

    • Other plate detected

    • Black list plate detected

    • White list plate detected

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