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Master Server

In a networked system, one of the servers must be set as the Master Server.
A Master Server is the central server of a surveillance system.
All other VMS Servers connect to it, and all client applications communicate through the Master Server.
If the system contains only one server, then that server is the Master Server.
If there is more than one server, the Master Server can be set freely.
It is recommended that the Master Server is a dedicated server for this purpose alone in a more extensive system.

NOTE: Master Servers must have SQL Server Express 2014 or other Microsoft SQL Server 2014 installed.

The Master Server does these things:

  • It verifies the identity of all programs and users who try to log on to the system (authentication).

  • It stores all system configuration data.

  • It stores all user data.

  • It monitors the system.

  • It synchronizes the clocks on all servers.

  • It generates reports.

  • It stores watchdog events.

  • It stores alarms.

  • It stores audit trails.

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