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The VMS Servers

On the VMS Servers tab, you can configure these settings for each server:




Change the name and the description of the server. Here you will also find the IP address of the server. 

Port forwarding

Users can see what the automatic port forwarding has configured as ports for this server. The ports can be changed if necessary.


Add IP cameras and select camera and audio drivers. 


Change camera parameters, recording schedules and motion detection settings. 


Change audio detection settings and recording schedules.

Digital I/O

Set digital I/O settings.


Set up alarm conditions and alarm actions. 


Add a hard disk to a server and set the storage times for video, audio, and alarm files.

Text channels

Set the names and descriptions of text data channels here.

To access the settings, do one of the following:

  • Select the settings you want to configure (for example, Cameras) and then click Edit in the lower-right corner of the navigation pane.

  • Double-click the settings that you want to configure.

  • Drag the settings from the VMS Servers tab to the workspace.

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