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Users and User groups

All users belong to a user group (see below), through which their use rights are defined and managed.

The administrator can add new user groups, set varying use rights for the groups, and add users.

The system supports domain-level user rights integration (LDAP), enabling users to be synchronized from domain groups. 

Each user group must have at least one profile that sets the user group's devices in the system.

One user group can have five profiles at the most.

A username and a password protect all user accounts.

Logging Users Off

If you have administrative rights, you can log a user off from the Spotter program.

To log a user off:

Right-click the username on the Users tab and click Log User Off.


Please change always the Admin user password after you have finalized the installation. 

You should never leave default passwords in the Mirasys VMS system.

Monitoring Users

The Users tab shows if users are logged on to the system:


(Green). The user is logged on. Click the plus sign (+) to see the name of the program the user is logged on to and the IP address of the user’s computer. In addition, the date and time of logon are shown.

(Red). The user is not logged on.

(Grey) The user account is disabled.

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