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Installing Devices

Installing IP Cameras 

You can connect supported IP cameras and video servers to a server over a TCP/IP network.
An IP camera has a built-in component for capturing video images.
The camera is connected directly to a local area network, and it has its own IP address.
You can also use video servers (encoders) to change analogue cameras into IP cameras.
Video servers are also connected directly to the local area network, and they have their IP addresses.

For a list of supported cameras, see the document Supported IP Cameras that can be accessed from Mirasys Extranet.
Please see the Mirasys VMS Administrator Guide for instructions on installing IP cameras to the system.

Setting Up DirectX PTZ Joysticks

Any DirectX joystick can be used, but you can contact your supplier for a list of devices to work best.

  1. Connect the DirectX device to your computer and wait for the driver to be installed.

  2. Calibrate the joystick in windows. Press "Start" and write "USB game" and then select the "Set up USB game controllers" option

  3. Select the device from the list and click "properties"

  4. Select "settings" and then "Calibrate" and follow instructions.

  5. After this, start the Spotter application and then configure the input device settings in Spotter to get the joystick working. Please see the Spotter User Guide for further details.

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