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Network configurations and planning

This document contains a brief description of the network configurations used on Mirasys VMS systems and network planning considerations that need to be taken into account when planning and implementing the systems.

It should be noted that this document concentrates on providing a general overview of building working surveillance systems in various network models.

All data communication within the Mirasys VMS system uses TCP/IP protocol and networks.

The use of VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) and effective software or hardware firewalls is highly recommended.

If a computer within the system network is used for other than surveillance purposes and is vulnerable to viruses or other harmful attacks, anti-virus protection is heavily recommended.

Building a functional and secure surveillance system requires a clear and detailed understanding of the network and its elements.

If there are any uncertainties regarding the network or its elements, consulting an ICT expert, the company’s internal IT department or the ISP is heavily recommended.

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