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Server Installation

This chapter shows how to install the Mirasys VMS software on a computer that has not already a previous version installed. 

To set up the server:

  • Connect the display, mouse, and keyboard to the computer. 

  • Connect the network cable to the computer (for network use).

  • Connect all power cords and turn on the power.

  • If your system has analogue cameras, connect the cameras to the encoder, and treat the encoder as an IP camera.

  • Install the server software. Please see the Installing The Software for information on installing the required software.

  • Install IP cameras and other devices. Please see Installing Devices for further information.

  • Install the client applications. Please see Installing Client Programs for further information.

  • If your system will use WebClient or Spotter Mobile applications, you will need to install the Mirasys Gateway server. For further information, please see Mirasys Gateway Server Installation.

  • For advanced users only: if your system contains VCA components, install and configure the required software. 

To update recording software and client applications:

Please see the Updating for information on updating server or client software.

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