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Mirasys VMS V9.8.1 release notes

Release date: 25.06.2024


  • New Profile I/O icons have been added to System Manager, Spotter, and Spotter Web.

  • Optimization for Object Recognition Inference.

  • Spotter Web Mobile UI enhancement for the “Cameras, Export, and Alarms” menu.


  • The grid selection icon is hidden when creating a Storyboard and previewing it.

  • When selecting the system address or system name upon login in Spotter, long names in the user name list are displayed correctly.

  • Spotter quad view selection is displayed correctly for ImmerVision cameras when 360-degree view is enabled.

  • The Camera View is displayed correctly when using multiple streaming and Intel decoding.

  • Clicking the two-way audio icon opens the correct channels.

  • Spotter tree search works as intended.

  • Filtering in Smart Recognition works as intended.

  • Smart Search item selection works as intended.

  • Smart Search for multiple attributes works as intended.

  • Smart search finding results for matching license plates and showing corresponding identities works as intended.

  • Operators cannot access the Storage Locker file store path.

  • When the export is canceled, the export process ends immediately.

  • When the selected list item for Smart Search is a vehicle, the similarity search button will be disabled.

Spotter Web and Mobile

  • Spotter Web security patches and updates.

  • The playback panel only takes up one line in the layout.

  • Spotter Web Mobile login works as intended on iOS devices.

  • Usability improvement for tapping the input field to enter the username when logging in.

System Manager

  • UI controls update time in the “RTSP Server Streaming“ tab has been improved.

  • Saving settings before the editable regions are loaded works as intended.

  • In Audit Trail search parameters, long DNS under VMS Server is displayed as expected.

  • Camera CSV list import works as intended.

  • Smart Object Recognition values tooltip displays the correct information.

  • UI elements are adjusted correctly when the Failover Log dialog is resized.

  • The false error message on the services screen (LPR) no longer appears when enabling LPR for a camera with an RTSP stream enabled.

  • Unhandled Exception in System Manager during OR / LPR / FR settings save has been fixed.

  • Saving FR, LPR, and OR settings for cameras in local and remote recorders works as intended.

  • Centralized Spotter plugin configuration for selection and option items works as intended.

VMS Server

  • The VMS Server works as intended on digital IO open/close.

  • Alarm limits for storage time are working as intended.

Face Recognition (FR), Licence Plate Recognition (LPR), Object Recognition (OR)

  • LMS and ODS memory handling and removing old data have been stabilized.


  • Communication encryption is working as intended for failover material copying.

  • Material copy works as intended when started before the failover server is online.

  • Automatic material copy works as intended when the server is shut down.

  • DVRService initializes as intended.

  • Missing Chromium browser component files added to the System Manager and Spotter installation.

  • VMS license level updating works as intended.

  • The alarm log copy works as intended when a new VMS Server is added to the System Manager.


  • EHIIPCapture Driver works as intended with Hikvision iDS-2CD7A26G0/P-IZHSY (ANPR/LPR) H8-platform.

  • List upload works as intended for Easy LPR with the EHIIPCapture Driver for the Hikvision iDS-2CD7A26G0/P-IZHSY camera.

  • License plate numbers are displayed in correct lists for Easy LPR with the EHIIPCapture Driver for the Hikvision iDS-2CD7A26G0/P-IZHSY camera.

  • i-Pro WV-S22700-V2L is compatible with the ONVIF Driver.

  • Video Change settings for Alarms work as intended with the Panasonic Driver for i-Pro VV-S22700-V2L.

You can download the release notes as a PDF file here V9.8.1 Release Notes.docx .

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