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Mirasys VMS V9.1.0 release notes

What’s new?

New product types


Up to 20 connected cameras on a single server (stand-alone) system and a maximum of two simultaneous users.


Up to 50 connected cameras per server, maximum 3 servers in one system with a maximum of 5 simultaneous users.


No restrictions, all features included and every channel contains VCA!
For more detailed information about the features of each version, type ask your sales representative.

New VCA engine

V9 contains a new VCA engine. DVMS VCA is enabled by default for all channels when using Enterprise license, but the VCA engine requires its own license that is bound to machines HW GUID.
HW GUID can be retrieved from the System Manager license dialogue.
Contact Mirasys sales and provide HW GUID to get the VCA license. Note: new VCA does not work in a virtual environment.


VCA for each camera channel can be enabled from System Manager camera settings.

VCA can be configured from System Manager VCA settings (see more details from VCA documentation).

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