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Mirasys VMS V9.3 release notes

What’s new?

WatchDog: Allow hardware monitoring

Export MAC, serial number and HWGUID into one file

Include alarm triggers into alarm display

Incident Reporting plugin (optional)

An Incident report plugin is a tool for a formal recording of the facts related to an incident.
You can freely customize Incident Reporting to fit your environment needs. 

Storage Locker plugin (optional)

Storage Locker is a centralized container for the

  • Images

  • Video clips

  • Camera audit reports

RTSP stream for cameras configured as VCA

Cameras configures in VCA settings can now be enabled to provide an RTSP stream including VCA annotation and image overlays.
This stream can be configured as an additional camera with an RTSP driver to have both, clear stream and annotated stream recorded or available via Spotter or Gateway SDK.

The configurable database connection string

The databases DvmsData, WdContext, DvmReportContext, IncidentReporting, StorageLocker and RecorderDB can now be configured with individual connection strings.
This enables outsourcing the database to any external MS SQL server.

Other minor changes

  • Optimize settings for restore and failover

  • Encrypted Gateway SDK communication

  • HTTPS support in Spotter Public HTTP API

  • LDAPS support

  • ​​Export to MP4 format

  • Optimize file system

Changelog V9.3 - 2021/5/7

  • Additional user role for archive viewing

  • UI improvement for setting change in System Manager

  • License improvement for VCA settings

  • Database index for metadata event time

  • Fix: End User License Agreement read-only mode

  • Fix: Gateway users logout

  • Fix: Postponed failover

  • Fix: Joystick PTZ enable button for already open PTZ cameras

  • Fix: Privacy user role settings tab level set/clear all buttons

  • Fix: "Camera highlight" with multiple Audio channels

  • Fix: 1x1 default grid

  • Fix: Export dialogue in spotter settings

  • Fix: Saving new tab content speed increase

  • Fix: Axis joystick driver loading in Spotter log

  • Fix: Spotter automatic lock when the System management server is unreachable

  • Fix: Corrected motion mask tool size

  • Fix: Camera highlight in profile map with PTZ control

  • Fix: Ribbon menu position

  • Fix: Export Image popup

  • Fix: UI for Automatic lock

  • Fix: Failover recorder improvement after the failed recorder

  • Fix: Closing PTZ control when playback is started

  • Fix: Export Image message

  • Fix: Commands included when importing maps from one profile to another

  • Fix: Spotter exit

  • Fix: Closing VCA settings

  • Fix: ArchiveSDK exporting improvements

  • Fix: IO device details loading

  • Fix: AVI and MKV support for H.265 export

  • Fix: Version information in logs

  • Fix: Copy player option with storage locker

  • Fix: Export log and SMS log data

  • Fix: Alarm retention time setting

  • Fix: “disable Alarms” action handling

  • Fix: Add to Storyboard only when licensed

  • Fix: 64 streams limit for storyboard

  • Fix: Reduced metadata saved to the database

  • Fix: Spotter default export settings​

  • Other and cosmetic changes

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