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V9.4 release notes

Release date: 22.12.2021

What’s new?

Maximise operational efficiency through automatic vehicle identification using the Easy LPR plugin.

  • Track and regulate access

  • Trigger alarms based on access control

  • Optimises and eliminates manual processes

  • Supports a wide range of different application scenarios

Access your Mirasys VMS software from wherever you want with Spotter Web.

  • Access from your desktop or mobile device

  • No installation required

  • Remote control and management

  • Secure access and use

Easy LPR plugin(optional)

Easy LPR is camera-based LPR detection. Supported camera manufacturers:
  • Hikvision 7-series cameras

  • Axis cameras, which support Vaxtor VaxALPR, version 2.2-20 or AXIS License Plate Verifier

  • Dahua LPR cameras

Easy LPR main features
  • Live monitoring from the one camera at the same time

  • Plate number search from the one camera at the same time

  • Plate number list Management

    • Black list

    • White list

  • Importing and exporting plate number lists

  • Uploading plate number list to the cameras

  • Alarm triggering from:

    • Other plate detected

    • Black list plate detected

    • White list plate detected

Mirasys Spotter Web & Mobile

Developed for remote users who need easy access to their offsite video surveillance installation. Mirasys Spotter Web & Mobile provides an easy-to-use interface with an intuitive resource experience through any browser, without the need for additional software.

  • Remote control and management. Access from your desktop or mobile device.

  • New HTML5 based client. Own UI for the Spotter Mobile.

  • No installation is required. The same application can be used with any browser.

Support for multi-channel device licensing

Now, when a customer uses any device with more than 1 channel, whether an encoder or a multi-sensor camera, only 1 VMS camera license for every 4 channels or for each device is used.
Users can remove each channel independently.
If the device has 16 channels Mirasys VMS would utilize 4 x VMS camera licenses.
The dual-lens camera would consume one VMS camera license

Motion ​​pre-and post-recording

Motion ​​pre-and post-recording can now be used to have recorded material before and after the motion.

No more need to create alarms to achieve pre-and post-recording!

What's improved

Replacement of individual channels from multi-channel device

The user can replace any channel from a multi-channel device and replace it with an IP camera. This change saves the installer time during the upgrade process and offers more flexibility for the hardware change.

  • In previous versions, the user can only replace the camera channel from the multi-channel device from the end.

Free text search for Storage Locker and Incident Reporting plugins

From now on, the user can do a free text search in Storage Locker and Incident Reporting.

Track active device on device tree

Users can see from the profile tree which camera they are using when selecting a camera from the map or the camera grid to keep track of where the camera is located.

Master server performance

The Mirasys Master server performance was improved to work better in large installations. Also, failover performance was increased.


VCA Core 1.5

We fixed the issue with VCA and the virtual environment. Now VCA also works with the virtual environment.


  • Nvidia decompression on Spotter

  • Offline Spotter and Spotter Player image export

  • PTZ control in Spotter when connected to older VMS version cameras

  • After failover TruCast and normal streams stops in Spotter

  • Storyboard clip viewing in Spotter and Spotter Player

  • Default Storage Locker user role was not handled correctly in Spotter

  • Search for evidence in Incident Reporting

  • Image control issues with zoom in Spotter

  • Export clips and images to Storage Locker containing special characters

  • Layout deletion from Spotter profile tree

  • Expiring license handling in System Manager

  • VMS settings saving in System Manager when communication encryption is in use

  • Alarm storage limits usage in the VMS server file system

  • Alarm email image handling in VMS server

  • Gateway users management

  • Other minor and cosmetic changes

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