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Mirasys VMS V9.5.2 release notes

Release date: 20.01.2023


System Manager

  • Optimized: Watchdog events data manipulation now works faster in big set-ups.

  • Optimized: System settings will not be updated unless changed.

  • Optimized: Unnecessary recorder settings loading removed.


  • Optimized: Playback and activity calculation for timeline in the archive. Automatically opened streams limited to the first eight streams. Optimized: Storyboard limits increased to 180 streams per storyboard.

  • Optimized: CPU monitoring is turned off by default and can be enabled or disabled from the config file.

  • Optimized: Performance counters are turned off by default.


Recorder Server

  • Fixed: License checking in metadata stream.

System Manager

  • Fixed: Option added to support RGB drawing, which only works correctly with some Intel display adapters.

  • Fixed: Email sending to Microsoft Office 365.

  • Fixed: Storage settings show cameras correctly when there are gaps in the configuration.

  • Fixed: French and German translations.

  • Fixed: Channel indexing when there are gaps in the configuration.

  • Fixed: Diagnostics will not show Windows event logs in the log files drop-down list.


  • Fixed: Activity calculation and time zone usage in playback mode. The timeline shows the camera activities correctly, and playback shows the time with the correct timezone.

  • Fixed: Option added to support RGB drawing, which only works correctly with some Intel display adapters. 

  • Fixed: User handling in Spotter when changing users.

  • Fixed: Archive SDK and Spotter playback synchronizer on playback start.

  • Fixed: Dutch translations and German application texts.

  • Fixed: Thumbnail size calculation.

  • Fixed: Spotter DirectX joystick issue.

  • Fixed: PTZ commands are handled in the right order.

Spotter Web 

  • Fixed: Streaming management loading upon login after updating to the latest version.

  • Fixed: Dutch and German translations.


  • Fixed: Recorder activity search.

  • Fixed: MXPEG codec in Gateway TestSDKApplication.


  • Fixed: Licence Plate Recognition Service supporting Axis LPR version 2.4 and newer.  

  • Fixed: Trucast automatic settings in Spotter are working correctly with Axis.

  • Fixed: Axis EasyLPR handling time synchronization correctly.

  • Fixed: PTZ functionality from Axis Q3708 (PVE camera model)

  • Fixed: Bounding box information was added to Hikvision LPR detection events.

  • Fixed: Hikvision works correctly with PTZ functionality

  • Fixed: Bosch driver works with camera model FLEXIDOME multi 7000i.

  • Fixed: Dahua driver updated to work with the latest firmware.

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