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Mirasys VMS V9.7.2 release notes

Release date: 28.03.2024

VMS V9.7.2 Enhancements

The ONVIF Driver now has the ability to use video streams in configured order.

VMS V9.7.2 Fixes


  • Failover event works as intended in Spotter.

  • Monitor Manager without automatic scaling works as intended.

  • Spotter AVM operation with Active Directory (AD) users works as intended.

  • Spotter device grid works as intended when device limit is used.

  • Cameras in the grid are replaced correctly, and the video stream is started.

System Manager

  • “Wait for the recorder to apply settings” functionality is disabled by default.

  • The “Limit tab device count“ control can be set to any valid value using the mouse.

  • System Manager works as intended when users do not have rights to view/edit users and user view is not created.

  • Import user from external source button is disabled if users do not have rights to add this.

  • The System Manager loads profiles and savings settings as intended.

  • System Manager works as intended when a service is stopped during the export log process.

  • Kicking off another System Manager user works as expected when the user logs in to System Manager.

License Plate Recognition (LPR) Service

  • License plate recognition is shown in logs export with the Service.


  • Axis P9106-V does not drop frames when using continuous recording without motion on stream.

You can download the release notes as a PDF file here V9.7.2 Release Notes.pdf .

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