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360 De-Warping

The 360 View toolbar control allows defining how a 360-camera image is de-warped (straightened) by the Spotter client. 

The Plugin has controls to: 

  • Pan, Tilt and Zoom the de-warped image (available only for some de-warped modes and cameras)

  • Select the de-warping mode

  • Non-de-warped

  • Single view 

  • Panorama (typically a double panorama, but some cameras only offer a single panorama view)

  • Quad view (4 individual de-warped cameras that can be adjusted separately

  • Camera mounting position control

  • Lens selector

Configuring 360 camera de-warping

  1. Open camera to the real-time view

  2. Open camera toolbar

  3. Select 360 View

  4. Select Dewarp mode

  5. Select Camera position(Ceiling, Ground or Wall)

  6. Select View mode

Single view

  1. Select Single view mode

  2. Adjust Pan, Tilt and Zoom


  1. Select Panorama mode

  2. Adjust Pan


  1. Select Quad view mode

  2. Select view 1

  3. Adjust Pan, Tilt and Zoom

  4. Repeat same actions to View 2, 3 and 4

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