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Automatic image fit

The default image fit setting can be adjusted in the tab menu and Automatic image fit.The default option for new device tabs is "Crop".The setting can be changed to "Off" or "Stretch".The Stretch option is not available for the automatic grid.

 Automatic image fit: Crop

The automatic image fit: Stretch

The automatic image fit: OFF

Automatic cropping will crop the image to fit the current aspect ratio of the work area. 
This works best in automatic view mode if there are 4 or 9 cameras on the screen. In static grid mode, the auto-cropping makes cameras fit the aspect ratio of the fixed grid cell.This option is only available for fixed or custom grids. 

Frequently Used Keyboard Shortcuts:




Sets the auto stretch on and off for the current tab.


Sets the auto crop on and off for the current tab.

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