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Layouts Management

Layouts contain all content settings of Spotter and are helpful when the user has perfected a monitoring view and wants to save it for future use.

Layouts contain, for example, the following:

  • Spotter window location and size (full-screen or regular)

  • View component visibility settings

  • Virtual camera settings

  • Toolbar option settings such as image showing, 360 camera settings, VCA visualization settings and image control settings

  • Camera tour settings

  • Playback position, i.e., date and time 

  • Tab names and order

  • Plugin specific settings, for example, Agile Virtual Matrix (AVM) settings and content

Frequently Used Keyboard Shortcuts:




Open layout menu (layout name selection can be changed with arrow keys, Esc closes menu without selecting layout).

Ctrl+ M

Takes the user to new layout saving. 


Load previous layout (same order as in the layout menu).


Load following layout (same order as in the layout menu).

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