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Smart Recognition

Smart Recognition plugin shows the face and license plate recognition events with information about matched identities and identity lists.

Both license plate and face recognition requires license for each recognition stream.

Open the plugin and view live detection events

Click the Spotter plugin toolbar item to open the plugin:

Smart Recognition plugin is opened and starts to receive live detection events. These events are shown in the event list with detection and identity details.

Recognition events

The plugin shows the recognition events in a list with the following fields.

  • Time - Time and date of the recognition.

  • Camera - Name of the camera and thumbnail of the full image.

  • Detection - Face or license plate recognition event thumbnail, recognized information, and recognition confidence value.

  • Identity - Matched identity information if any.

  • List - Identity list information that the matched identity belongs to if any.

List content can be arranged by field type by clicking the list header.

List filters

Filters can be used to select which events are shown in the recognition event list. Filtering can be done by

  • Event type - All events, face recognition events, or license plate recognition events

  • List type - All lists, selected lists, not in any list

Recognition events can be paused by checking the pause option.


The selected event can be added to the storyboard or to clip export. Recognition event pre and post-record time can be adjusted from the drop-down settings button.

Add face or license plate to identity

A recognized license plate or face can be added to a new identity or existing identity. These functionalities are only possible if the user is authorized to change the identity information. By clicking the add new identity or add to existing identity buttons, the Smart List Management plugin is opened. See more information in the Smart List Management plugin documentation.

Quick search

Recognized license plates or faces can be searched by using the Smart Search plugin. In the Smart Recognition plugin, there is a quick search button that opens the Smart Search plugin. The recognized license plate or face information from selected recognition events is filled up automatically to easily perform a search for recognized faces and license plates.

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