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Spotter Advanced Settings


Using video buffering can help if the video stream appears choppy. Buffering will attempt to queue image frames dynamically to even out any time differences in arriving image frames.
The memory use is increased slightly, as is any possible delay with the video compared to real-time. 

External AVM API

The AVM API (Application Programming Interface) must be activated in AVM Display Server use.

Public Web API

VCA usage

PTZ control default settings

Master server reconnection

The Master Server reconnection setting, if activated, will keep Spotter open also in case of loss of connection with the Master Server.

Activity data

Disabling the activity data calculation will make the camera material bar disappear from the activity panel, reducing the system load slightly.
It can be disabled if the user has no intention to use the activity panel (for example, in the AVM Display Server case).
Spotter has advanced video buffering that smooths out the effect of bursts in-network or an ill-behaving camera where the image frames are not arriving smoothly and regularly from the camera to Spotter.
Without the buffering on, Spotter draws the live images as fast as they arrive without regard for the frame rate or the image. 

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