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Virtual Cameras

  1. Open camera to the real-time view

  2. Open camera toolbar

  3. Select Camera

  4. Select Duplicate

  1. Open View

  2. Select Move/Zoom

Mouse wheel movements will make the virtual camera rectangle larger or smaller.

The size can also be adjusted by dragging the edge of the rectangle with mouse and left-click.

The size will also change from the keyboard "page up" and "page down" buttons.

  1. Draw zoomed area

  2. Click OK

Create more virtual cameras, if needed

Frequently Used Keyboard Shortcuts:

NOTE: Only when in virtual camera editing mode.



Arrow left

Moves the red box to the left.

Arrow right

Moves the red box to the right.

Arrow up

Moves the red box up.

Arrow down

Moves the red box down.

Page Up

It makes the box more significant (zoom out).

Page Down

It makes the box smaller (zoom in).

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