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Mirasys Service Desk

The Mirasys Service Desk is a web-based customer support system intended for a convenient and structured way to submit Mirasys support requests. 

It eliminates the need to use the telephone, email, and the difficulties to keep a track of phone or email-based requests and their support status.
In the Mirasys Service Desk you can easily:

  • Create a new user account for the use of the Service Desk portal

  • Reset a forgotten Service Desk password

  • View and change profile information

  • View submitted support requests

  • Submit a new support request

  • Keep a track of the status of a support request

  • Update a request with a new information

  • Log out of the system

Each support request will get its own easily trackable support ticket identifier.
Currently, the Mirasys Service Desk consists of the Mirasys Technical Support Requests portal, but additional Service Desks may be created for specific purposes.

Mirasys Service Desk Location

The Mirasys Technical Support Service Desk can be found on the web through this direct link: Mirasys Service Desk

Creating a New Service Desk User Account

Before you are able to submit any Service Desk requests, you must first have a user account (user credentials, a username and a password) to the Mirasys Service Desk.

  • After that service desk is asking your account email address. Fill this and click Send Link.

Now in your email has a registration link for the Mirasys Service Desk. If not please check your email junk mail folder.

Click the Sign-up link in your email and now you can fill in your user details; Full name and password.

When details are filled in and you have clicked the Sign uplink, you are forwarded to Mirasys Service Desk front page.

On this page, you can see the Mirasys Service Desk support phone number and also create a new ticket.

Creating a New Technical Support Request

On the front page, you can find the link to the New Technical Support Request. With this, you can create a new ticket on Mirasys Service Desk.

  1. Click New Technical Support Request

  2. Enter Customer Country

  3. Type End Customer

  4. Select the status of the SMA

  5. Enter VMS license number

  6. Type Problem summary

  7. Select Which product the problem is related to

  8. Enter a detailed description of the problem

  9. Click Send

When a ticket is sent to the Mirasys Service Desk page is updated with these details and you can add more information there if needed.
When Mirasys update details etc. on case you will receive a notification email.

Checking open tickets

You can check open tickets under Request, which is located upper right corner. 

At this same location, you can also see your own company other tickets, if you have added them under the company. 

Mirasys Service Desk person can do this change.

Searching articles

You can find helpful information on or using a magnifying glass to search articles.

Changing password

You can change your password and details under the profile icon, which is located upper right corner.


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