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VCA - Tailgating

The tailgating rule detects objects which cross through a zone or over a line within quick succession of each other.
In this example, object 1 is about to cross a detection line. Another object (object 2) is following closely behind.
The tailgating detection threshold is set to 5 seconds.
That is, any object crossing the line within 5 seconds of an object having already crossed the line will trigger the object tailgating rule.

Object 2 crosses the line within 5 seconds of object 1. This triggers the tailgating filter and raises an event.



Default Value


A user-specified name for this rule

"Tailgating #"


The zone this rule is associated with



The maximum amount of time between first and second object entering a zone to trigger the rule


Can Trigger Actions

Specifies whether events generated by this rule trigger actions



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