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Spotter Web Certificate using Let´s Encrypt - v1.0

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority (CA), run for the public’s benefit.
It is a service provided by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG).

Requirement for Let's Encrypt certificate

  • Windows Server 2016 or newer

  • Domain/subdomain

  • Win-acme tool

Creating a Spotter Web certificate

  1. Browse to Win-acme

  2. Click Download

  3. Download latest package

  4. Copy and extract the package to that PC, where Spotter Web is installed

  5. Click wacs.exe

  6. Type and press ENTER

  7. Check that tool is detecting site and select the correct number and press ENTER

  8. Check that tool is showing correct address and select shown number and press ENTER

  9. Answer to question Continue with this selection and press ENTER

  10. Answer Y to the question Open in default application and press ENTER

  11. Agree the the term by typing Y and press ENTER

  12. After this, you can add an email where you get updates related to problems and abuse.

  13. When this is done, tool make certificate for this domain address. Now you can close tool typing and press ENTER.

Applying the certificate to the Spotter Web

To use the Let’s Encrypt certificate for Spotter Web, you need to change the hostname for the address.

Open Internet Information Services Manager

  1. Open SpotterWeb Site

  2. Select Bindings

  3. Click Edit

  4. Type the correct Host name

  5. Click Select to browser certificate created by Let´s encrypt

  6. Click OK

When you reopen the site, you can see that it is encrypted, and you are ready to use the site securely.

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