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How to configure Hikvision DS-6716HUHI-K

With this guide you can activate encoder, change IP Address and add it to Mirasys VMS.


  1. Encoder default IP address is
  2. Login that IP address using web browser
  3. This will open Activation page, where you need but password for admin user
  4. Confirm password and proceed forward
  5. Next system will ask security questions, select wanted question and type there your own answer
  6. After filling needed information click OK and proceed forward
  7. Now encoder is activated and ready to use

Activation can be also done using iVMS-4200 software. You can download software here.

IP Address change

  1. Login to encoder using web browser
  2. Go to Configuration → Network → Basic Settings → TCP/IP
  3. Untick DHCP selection and type there your wanted IP Address, Subnet Mask and Gateway
    1. You can also change DNS Server address if this is needed
  4. And last click Save
  5. Now system reboot and start using new IP Address

VMS Configuration

  1. Open System Manager
  2. Go to VMS Servers
  3. Double click Hardware
  4. This open new window where you can add encoder to system, click Add IP Camera
  5. Type this new window encoder IP Address, User name and Password
  6. After this click OK and wait
  7. When system detect encoder you will see new window where you can select how many channel you want to use (max 16 channel)
  8. Select wanted amount of channels and then click OK
  9. Lastly click OK for Hardware
  10. Now encoder is added Mirasys VMS

More information

Product page

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