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How to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10

Checklist before upgrade

  • Mirasys VMS  v7 version must be newer than 7.6.4

    • If you need to upgrade VMS version, please use the latest version

  • Mirasys VMS  V8 version must be newer than 8.3.6

    • If you need to upgrade VMS version, please use the latest version

  • Capture cards are not officially supported in Windows 10

    • On Windows 10 you can use Windows 7 drivers

  • Mirasys VMS material is not lost if Windows 10 upgrade is not affecting material partitions

How to make Windows upgrade

  • Backup your Mirasys VMS settings using System Manager

  • Upgrade your VMS version if this is needed, depending on your installation version you can use a 32bit or 64bit installation package

  • Check that system works normally after the upgrade

  • When you have confirmed that everything is working, you can close VMS applications and proceed forward

  • Stop and disable VMS services; WDServer, DVRServer and SMServer

  • You can now start installing Windows 10 update on Windows 7, follow Microsoft installer instructions

    • Microsoft is providing Media Creation Tool which you can use to create Windows 10 installation images or installation media

    • You may need to buy Windows 10 license

  • When the upgrade is done, you can enable and change VMS services to Automatic startup; WDServer, DVRServer and SMServer

  • Check after this that VMS is working correctly and you can access stored material

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