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If Spotter Web installations fails

In some cases it’s possible that Spotter Web installation fails. Spotter Web installer use Windows DISM tool to install necessary Windows side components.


  • Check what is possible error on installation logs.

  • Check that Windows is updated with latest updates.

  • Check that .NET Framework 3.5 is installed on Windows.

  • Run System File Checker tool

  • Try installing needed components via Command Prompt.

    • If Windows components installation via Command Prompt is failing, you can find more information from these logs.

      • DISM tool log → C:\Windows\Logs\DISM → dism.log

      • Component-Based Servicing → C:\Windows\Logs\CBS → CBS.log

    • If you find error SxS_Assembly_Missing, this indicate that some Windows packages are broken. You can download missing package from Microsoft Update Catalog.

    • After this create new folder C:\temp\cab and download needed KB package to c:\temp folder.

    • Run command line to extract the .cab file from the msu file.

      expand -F:* C:\temp\kbfilenamehere C:\temp\cab
    • Then run DISM tool below to add .cab file to your wim image.

      DISM /online /add-package /packagepath:c:\temp\cab\
    • And wait that install succesfully.

    • That can take sometimes until is done.

    • Install all missing/broken packages and then reboot Windows.

    • Now you can try again install components via Command Prompt.

  • If these tips are not helping, please contact with logs to Mirasys Support.

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