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Lenel OnGuard

Mirasys VMS is integrated with Lenel to have the possibility to get live, playback, PTZ, alarms, digital IO events, and motion detection events from DVMS to Lenel OnGuard. Integration is done over Gateway.

Lenel OnGuard uses these VMS functionality:

  • Add Mirasys DVMS as Recorder to the Lenel OnGuard

  • Add cameras to Lenel OnGuard

  • Watch Live video from the cameras

  • Watch playback from cameras

  • Control PTZ for PTZ cameras

  • Get IO states

  • Get alarms

  • Get motion detection events


  • Mirasys VMS 9.5 or newer

    • License feature Lenel Gateway Connector

  • Lenel OnGuard 8.1


Mirasys VMS

  • Create new user which can be used for this integration

  • Add wanted cameras to this user profile

  • Check that user has access rights to use Gateway

Lenel OnGuard use ports 9999 and 9000 TCP, which is also in use Mirasys VMS Gateway.

Change Mirasys VMS Gateway ports to example 9998 and 7000 TCP.

Lenel OnGuard

  • Install Mirasys add-on to Lenel

    • Use the Mirasys VMS Lenel add-on installer (8.1 Accessory Add On for Mirasys VMS 1.0.2 or newer)

  • Add Mirasys recorder to Lenel OnGuard using System Administration -> Digital Video

  • Add cameras

Using Alarm Monitor

An alarm monitoring application is used as a client to work with Mirasys VMS.

In this application, the user can see the connection status of the recorder and cameras, open live, playback, control PTZ, receive alarms, digital IO states, and motion events.

Check that "LS Communication Server" is running in Windows services

Camera live and playback

Working with alarms, IO states, and motion events

To enable motion detection events, this need to be activate via Mirasys System Manager.

  • Open System Manager

  • Go to General System Settings

  • Enable Use motion detection events

Updating to newer Lenel version

Before Lenel can be upgraded to newer version example 8.2, check that there is available new Mirasys VMS add-on installer which is certificated to work wanted newer Lenel version.


Lenel can’t make connection to Mirasys VMS

  • Check that license has Lenel Gateway Connector feature enabled

  • Check that Gateway communication is working

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