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AVM DS Spotter configuration

Log Each DS User In (Run as Administrator) 

Use automatic login 

  1. Open File

  2. Click Settings

  3. Select General

  4. Enable Use automatic logon

Enable External AVM API (Needed ONCE for ALL DS and OC – ALL WINDOWS USERS!)

  1. Go to the Advanced tab

  2. Enable External AVM Api

 If the default 8084 port is used (very rare case) you can change to another port (then has to change all machines to the same port)
 Netstat -a

Allow traffic for configured AVM API port 

Make sure the firewall does not block IP traffic to 8084 port!

 Easiest is to disable the firewall (IN ALL MACHINES, OC AND DS, but you could also make a hole for 8084 (or another port if you need to use another port)

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